Welcome to the Radio-Museum Linsengericht e.V. in Hesse/Germany.

We´re a small, non-profit organization that runs a museum for vintage radio and tube technology from 1900 to 1970.

  • The museum is open every sunday from 14:00 to 18:00. We´re usually operating in German, so if you would like to visit us as an English-speaker, please contact us beforehand, so we can have a translator for you. Free entry, but we appreciate donations.
  • We also have a designated department for repairs and teaching repairs, so if you would like to have an old radio (1900-1960) repaired, consider contacting us. Our „Clinic“ is open every Friday from 19:30 for repairs.
  • You can also contact us concerning questions about vintage tube and radio technology and we´ll try to answer everything to the best of our knowledge.
  • As a non-profit none of us are professional or commercial engineers – we are hobbyists!
  • We do NOT sell or buy, we do NOT give rates for sale of radios or tech.
  • Our organization is only run on donations, for radio and tech donations please contact us beforehand!
  • We´re on the top level of an old school building. Sadly, we´re not barrier-free but we offer guided-tours through videochat.

You can contact us, by email post[at]radio-museum.de or phone us and leave a message at 06051/7869569. We usually answer or call back within a couple of hours.

Address: 63589 Linsengericht, Florianstraße 8

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